Underwater Photography Courses

Underwater photography courses:

Underwater photography is an art that requires a learning curve quite extensive, whether you're a beginner or enthusiast photographer who wants to hone their photographic skills, a course in underwater photography will always be useful and will save you time learning that you not want to spend the via trial and error !!! Time can invested diving to make great pictures !!! Leave your learning in the hands of a team of experts and having an unforgettable diving holiday in one of the most beautiful corners of Mexico at the same time.

Personally I do not encourage a competitive atmosphere in the courses given, this in order to optimize learning, creating a relaxed friendship between the participants and the team that collaborates in the course creating a friendly environment. This course will teach you many things, I also learn from you and us from everyone else. Learning is a process that never stops and underwater photography is an activity that depends on many external factors to photography Per se (weather, logistics, equipment, planning). What I really encourage is a honest and constructive criticism of the work of everyone, with a view to improving photography skills as a person and group.

With a focus on personal attention to the needs, level of photographic skill and equipment of each attendee, we manage small groups of six photographers maximum, that is to optimize the learning experience. The courses in underwater photography that I run are in the Cabo Pulmo National Park in Baja California Sur, Mexico. One of the best diving destinations in the world, a true jewel underwater and on land too. Cousteau baptized this place as the World's Aquarium. The shooting options in this place simply do not have limits!

The Cabo Pulmo National Park is a place whose dive sites I know to intimate detail, where you can find useful material for each type of photography and lighting conditions. Another point that makes Cabo Pulmo ideal for a course in underwater photography is, that due to conservation efforts, the state of the reef is excellent and the amount of fish that can be seen in the area doesn’t really happen in many places the world, so the opportunities abound to make great photographs! Additionally, the diveshop through which I operate the courses is the best in the area, Cabo Pulmo Watersports, you can check their rating on (link to page tripadvisor)

The primary requirement to take the course is that you are a certified diver with good buoyancy skills. If this is inconvenient for you, no problem, notify in advance, our staff is trained to do a review of your buoyancy skills or a complete overview of your skills as a diver so that will not be an issue.

I will always be in the water with you as your instructor of photography, helping with the settings of your camera, search subject, composition, camera in hand to compare shots and improve them. Additionally an experienced guide will be in the area to help take care, monitor your performance as a diver and your interaction with the reef. In the Cabo Pulmo National Park conservation is taken seriously! Never hesitate to ask anything, the staff of the course is to help you.

The level of skill as a photographer.

The courses are aimed at photographers of different levels, as if just bought his first camera and start from scratch, to those enthusiastic photographers who want to hone their photographic skills. For advanced photographers there are courses in a certain specialties (Wide Angle, Macro, Fluorescence) and tours focused on underwater photography. Non photographer fellows are always welcome!

There is not a minimum requirement level or photographic equipment, what we do require is 100% positive attitude, willingness to learn, enthusiasm for photography, diving and nature around us.

Course Structure

Lasting 5 days

Day 1. Theory

Day 2. 2 dives + theory + discussion Photo of the day

Day 3. 2 dives + theory + discussion Photo of the day

Day 4. 2 dives + theory + presentation

Day 5. 2 dives + final presentation

the first day is pure theory to cover the more complex issues and determine the particular needs of each course attendee, the next four days are divided into two dives in the morning, being back at 12:30 for lunch and continue the theoretical and photographic results of the day. The course is of a serious and intensive nature, we dont, so jokes and laughter are expected during the course.

The topics that will be addressed in the course are:

  • The principles of underwater photography
  • Types of cameras, lenses and housings.
  • Preparation and logistics for your diving photography.
  • Composition
  • Lighting
  • Wide
  • Macro
  • Creating your style
  • Edit photos.


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